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  • 202208_Translate my D-Thesis, "Programmble Architecture" into Japanese, here
  • 202204_Host the session @ [WEEK2022, Institute of Architectural Informatics].
  • [ISID2022] Lecture at the 2nd International Symposium on Intelligent Design
  • [Architectural Technology 20 Oct 2021] Article to 'Towards Architectural Informatics'
  • Joint patent application with Takenaka Corporation for optimisation methods and architectural design
  • Client wins a design award. Lecture at Toda Construction on 15 July 2021.



Lecture slide@2ND INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INTELLIGENCE DESIGN (Tokyo University) /講演プレゼンテーション ISID2022 (東京大学)

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I was just remembering Nakagin when I was translating my old paper into Japanese. I happened to be walking in Ginza and it was destroyed, I don't think it's a frame problem in the popular sense, but simply an ownership question I felt it at the time of Shinsaibashi, but I think it would be better to sum it up, and I think we need experts who are not architects.



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