Programmable Architecture

-Towards Human Interactive, Cybernetic Architecture-

Kensuke Hotta, Architectural Association School of Architecture

プログラマブル アーキテクチャ


堀田憲祐, 英国建築協会建築学校 

2-4. From Biology and Biomimetics (Cooperative species) 

2-4. 生物学とバイオミメティクス、および協働種から 

2-4-1. The Sociable Weaver (Social Birds)

2-4-1. 社会性を持った鳥(ソーシャル・バード) 

Fig.2-4-1,1 Social weaver nest mass The photo shows colony 2, the largest colony in the study area, holding 150-200 birds during the study period. The open savannah habitat characteristic of the area can be seen in the background. It references "LIFE-HISTORY EVOLUTION AND COOPERATIVE BREEDING IN THE SOCIAL EWEVER " by RITA COVAS MONTEIRO, page 4.
図.2-4-1,1ソーシャルウィーバー(社会性を持った鳥)の巣の密集この写真は、期間中に調査されたエリア最大のコロニー(群体)2の一部で、150-200羽が生息していた調査地域最大のものである。写真の背景には、この地域の特徴的なオープンサバンナの生息環境が見える。" (コバス, R 2002)。リタ・コバス・モンテイロ著 "LIFE-HISTORY EVOLUTION AND COOPERATIVE BREEDING IN THE SOCIABLE WEAVER", 4ページの写真を参照。

The sociable weaver is a bird living in the arid region of southern Africa around northern Namibia, which strongly relates to the Kalahari vegetation in the area. It is their nests rather than the birds themselves which is conspicuous.

     Their life pattern is unique and has frequently been the research target. They typically live in the same nest as a group, while most other bird species live independently in separate nests. Several subspecies of birds use the nest simultaneously. Some larger birds, such as Giant Eagles, use the nest as a platform to make their own nest. (Mendelsohn, JM 1997)

     The social weaver tends to make more enormous nests to be able to live collectively, compared to other species, in a vast single nest made of stiff grasses. Their nests are built on a higher tree, and some can be seen in the upper parts of power poles. Making the nest larger is excellent in terms of insulation, keeping warmth and controlling the inside condition. As it has been used for a long time, the weavers repeatedly repair and development of the nest.

     The unique point of this biome is its combination of materials and creatures, much like a city. Each bird’s part of the nest is more than just a nest but an extension of their society, and not only their society but also that of other species.


 彼らの生活パターンはユニークで、度々研究の対象となってきた。他のほとんどの鳥類が独立して別々の巣に住んでいるのに対し、この種はふつう集団で同じ巣で生活する。興味深いことに、いくつかの異なる種の鳥が、この巣を利用することがある。例えば、オオワシのような大型の鳥類では、巣を自分たちの巣を作るための足場としてこの架構物を利用することもある。(メンデルソン, JM 1997年) 



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